Angela B – VA (500 data points) Jeffrey B – NJ (250 data points) Samuel B – FL (100 data points)
Sharon G – CO (250 data points) Yvonne M – CA (100 data points) Joshua B – CO (250 data points)
Zahoor K – CA (250 data points) Shelly L – OH (250 data points) Maria L – FL (1,000 data points)
Donna K – IL (500 data points) Brianna P – FL (100 data points) William H – MO (100 data points)
Heidi C – DE (250 data points) Sandra L – WI (100 data points) Nicki C – IL (100 data points)
Jaimi L – CO (1,000 data points) Mary G – MN (100 data points) Jessica C – PA (250 data points)
Joyce M – NM (100 data points) Christine A – FL (100 data points) Corey K – NE (500 data points)



If you are a winner and would like your entry removed from the below list, please contact us by e-mailing

“I have been doing various surveys for Datatelligence for years and I’ve always gotten a fair incentive given the task in a timely manner. I would recommend others use this company for paid research studies. I feel not only am I getting paid for my opinion but that my opinion matters and I am contributing to the success and development of brands and products for various companies. Keep up the good work Datatelligence!” – Rose B. NJ
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